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Monday, December 1, 2008

panch aata dosai.

om is getting very choosy about food,as a result i have to try out new dishes to make sure he is eating healthy.
here is a simple and healthy dosai.
you need:
rice flour-2 spoons
gram flour-2 spoons
rava-2 spoons
wheat flour-4 spoons
raagi flour-4spoons
pinch of cinnamon powder
pinch of cardomon power
pinch of ajwain(bishop's weed)
little salt(to taste)
mix all the ingredients in a bowl.
keep adding water and mixing it,making a batter good enough to make dosai.
heat the non stick tava.
grease it with oil
put the batter and spread it like you do for dosai.
cover it with lid,and cook for 1 min in low flame.
remove the lid,turn the side,cook for sometime,till done.
take in a plate,and serve.(either with jaggery or sugar)
Om loves it,and even my hubby!!


LG said...

good one,Kid friendly and healthy too..

Usha said...

Looks yummy...first time here you have a very nice space !

n33ma said...

This is fast and healthy.