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Thursday, February 21, 2008

paintings and drawings..........

for u OM

this one for om........i wrote it when he was a month old

o little angel...
he came into our world , brightening it.
spreading love with his sweet smile..
i love to look at him when he is sleeping..
tough he wakes up all night..n sleeps in day
i love when he cries while bathing..
i feel so important when he holds me with his little hands...
i feel great when he cries to be held by me!!
i see our world in his eyes..
he looks so cute when he smiles in sleep,
i love him more n more days pass by..
honey im glad that this angel has made our bond stronger,sweeter..


An untimely death

12/12/96 An untimely death

Oh death!What do you get by doing so...
and that to untimely.
You have laid your icy hands on one more life,
leaving behind the helpless mother and the crying children.
What do u get by taking away the caring hand,
the doer of the family, and letting them suffer , struggle for happiness?

i miss u dad


I feel so proud and fortunate I was born to u.
Holding your hands I learnt to walk.
Your joy knew no bounds when i learn to talk.
You guided me when i was wrong.
You loved my ides,my imaginary dreams.
Your heart bled when i cried, my happiness made you content and satisfied.
Now..... when i do wrong, when im sad or when i need your acvice,
your help,your guidance, or just hat lolling pat on my back...
I look for you,but....... you just stare at me from the frame on the wall
neither smiling nor sad
i shall always be proud for i was your child
oh dad!Where have you gone?
Dont you remember me?
for i miss you so much....

here are some of the poems i wrote in schooldays

dad i miss u

i've been through the toughest times and i missed you at that.
all through the journey i was longing for u.
even when i smiled i wished you could see me happy.
i missed you when tears rolled down my cheeks wishing you could wipe them off.
i needed you when my heart was heavy to seek advice and support.
dear dad i missed you at each moment - happy or sad worried or relaxed, tensed or at comfort. all through the journey i missed you
and i miss u each day
i miss u dad