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Friday, November 14, 2008

crispy onion

The recipe was told by a cousin of mine who is in US.I loved it and I'm sure you will also like it!!
you need:
medium size onions-6
gram flour-i cup.
little oil,turmeric powder,chilly powder,mustard seeds,salt to taste.

cut the onions and keep aside.
roast the gram flour and keep aside.
add oil to the wok,add mustard seed when its hot.
add the cut onions,salt,turmeric powder,chilly powder and cover with lid.cook
for 10 min,in low flame.Remove the fry the onions,till they turn golden brown.
add the gram flour to it and stir for another 5 mins.
take it off the fire.
crispy onions is ready.
goes well with rice-dal.or it can be a side dish with the main course.

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