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Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Meddling Monsoon

one of my friend has written this poem.thanks to him to let me publish it at my blog!!

Hot sun scorching in the sky,

With no gust of wind that makes papers to fly,

Started the day in this coastal city,

With sun God having no mercy or pity.

Vehicles zipping past, fast and furious,

Things are serious with nothing hilarious.

Haunting day with weather so dry,

And sun God being happy letting people to fry.

Dazzling buildings with soaring heights,

Cornered slums with never ending fights.

Is the glimpse of city which is by the shore,

With promises filled in directions four.

Sudden gust of wind brought everyone to delight,

None knew the trouble it'd bring will end everyone's plight.

The gust of wind that grew with power,

Brought clouds that were dark with vigor.

Without any warning, struck the thunder,

That split a tree in halves without a blunder.

Blanket of cloud made the place so dark,

Whips of lightning lighted the sky with its spark.

The cloud split up with a huge roar,

Bringing rain that jolted everyone to the core.

The clock ticked for hours and the rain still intense,

With an owe to wreck the city with the effect so immense.

The river so dry and river so calm,

Stretched her arms to cause greater harm.

With great outrage she came, flooding the entire place,

Rattling every frame of the city without a trace.

The city so majestic and the city so fair,

Is now a city of misery, death and despair.

The sounds of chimes and horns in great compliance,

Now replaced by sounds of cries breaking a grave silence.

Like the wave that washes the shore clean,

The floods wiped out the city showing its spleen.

The turbulent rain stopped, bringing a sigh of relief,

To the people who are tormented and are in grief.

The river calmed down and the waters receded,

The plight came to an end and city life proceeded.

The city once choked, thus losing its throttle,

Regained its strength, slowly winning the battle.

- Krishnan.P.V

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