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Saturday, April 5, 2008

its been a while since i wrote......................

had been busy finding a i have one.............
i feel great that i did the Montessori diploma before i became a has given me insight on child psychology.since the day one i have been applying my knowledge with OM(my son).in fact even before that.and now i can see that Montessori works!!!!i feel all parents should have some knowledge on child psychology.children are much more than we can think of.they have immense self respect,even before they learn to talk.they learn from the world they Montessori says,"the prepared environment" is a must for child's let me explain it a bit.a place where the child is free to chose what he wants to do,where the materials are kept in an order for him to use.and all materials have some purpose.

i have a little timetable for om.just like we have one in schools.and it helps me to do different things with him.we do painting,art work,reading,cleaning and playing together.there are plenty of things which we can do with kids at home.

When I'm in kitchen,om helps me arranging vessels,when I'm folding clothes,he puts his clothes in his wardrobe.when im making chapati,he plays with the this i keep involving him in my chores.he is busy,i get my things done.....................good idea .........!!!!!!!!!!!!

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