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Friday, October 10, 2008

happy birthday OM!!!

created for his big day!!!has got few of his favourite things-cars,firetruck,barney,hanumaan

Om's birthday party preparations had kept me busy,and then the navaratri, dusshera..
the list of his friends is so big(mine too)....n he is just 2yrs old.
here are the few things we did for his big day..
the invitation card:
it has pictures of om of the twelve months of the year gone.and few of his favourite things-barney,lightning MC queen,hanumaan.

the return gifts:om enjoyed making and packing these tees for his friends,he was deciding the colors and whom he want to give the took almost a month for us to finish making twenty tees.
we did it in every three days.
the name of is friend at back of the tee and in the front we have Om's palm prints and OM(in Sanskrit.)making 22 tees was not easy,but it was sure fun for om and me!!
to surprise om,all his friends had worn the tees the very next day,to the play area,n Om was so thrilled to see them!
the rangoli made by ravi-has the car logos,car transporter,double decker bus,fire truck.

cake:he is a car crazy so we ordered a car cake for him from creative was yum.

menu: assorted biscuits,cookies,vitagen,samosas,onion pakodas.
and for the dance:Ravi got some nice kids song-
jungle jungle baat chali hai
hakuna matata
i can show u the world
we are one
agdam bhagdam
main hun
anglik banglik
and oms favourite bollywood numbers then-poo poo poo
om shanti om.
ALL IN ALL IT WAS FUN!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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LG said...

Cake was too good.. yummy yummy..