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Wednesday, June 18, 2008

fun sessions with kids

im having great time with kids who come for art sessions.
we do lot of activities which include art and craft,memory games,dance,songs and rhymes and free play.

kids are smart and follow the instructions very well.
some of their work can be seen in the pictures here.

i believe that accomplishment is more important for these small kids than perfection.
its a great joy to see them happy when they see their art works being appreciated by everyone.

they have become like family members,free as in their own house,showing their work to my in laws ,laughing,learning and having fun!!

i feel great to know from the parents that they don't want to go the session which is supposed to be for an hour goes on till one and half hour....

they painted on t shirts for papas on fathers day,made a gift wrapping paper,and packed it.


LG said...

Accomplishments carry more value than perfection at that age. Totally agreed. OM also must have enjoyed with them.

notyet100 said...

great job and nice idea anu,..

Khay Mun said...

Thanks for visiting my blog, and it's fantastic to find another mother whose life has been transformed by the birth of her son. And it's wonderful to see what you're teaching children through art.

Best, Khay Mun (